Aquazone Bass Edition

Aquazone Bass Edition 2.0

A virtual aquarium for your monitor


  • Realistic fiish
  • Five species
  • Use your own photos


  • Not enough interaction possible
  • Screensavers not necessary for LCD screens

Not bad

Aquazone Bass Edition is a screensaver that turns your monitor into a virtual desktop aquarium. Like other virtual fish tanks, it never needs cleaning, and it's filled with fish who never need feeding.

The focus of Aquazone Bass Edition is unsurprisingly bass fish! It features Black Bass, Bluegill, Rainbow Trout, Snakehead and Baitfish, with which you can populate your aquarium. Configuration options allow to control what and how many fish you see, and you can choose the background image.

Aquazone Bass Edition has some ready-made backgrounds, but you can also use images of your family, so they'll for ever be staring at you through the Bass swimming around your monitor. The fish look realistic, although five species seems a bit small for extended viewing.

LCD monitors don't require screensavers, but if you just enjoy the animated images, download Aquazone Bass Edition! It's a fun, fish based option.

Aquazone Bass Edition


Aquazone Bass Edition 2.0

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